Plastic Fences

We provide and install a wide number of different plastic fences all over Lancashire and throughout the UK. Our plastic fences have become popular for a number reasons, the first is that plastic fences will not erode due to weather and also are very low maintenance. Once you have installed one of our plastic fences you won’t have to worry about them at all.

The plastic we use is very tough and will take a lot to break, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you will still get the same high quality finish and texture you would from a wooden fence.



Our Cascade UPVC panels are only available in white with a lattice top or without. These fences are 8ft wide x 6ft high.

This type of panel is made up of 6ft x 1 ft or 6 inch gravel boards. They simply slide in between the posts on top of each other to make a very sturdy panel. Each board is 2 inches wide and has three ribs inside to make them sturdy. These panels are available in brown, green, white, golden oak, rosewood, black, grey and walnut.

These plastic panels can either slot into existing concrete posts and replace old wooden panels, or you can use our new plastic slotted post.

Caps are Standard, Acorn or Gothic. We can also supply decorative tops for the panels in concave or convex (arch). If you need more information on our colour range please do get in touch.

All our fences have the ability to mix and match with stunning decoration to bring a bit of glamour and design that will always look great. You can choose between many different types with a few examples above.